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Conductive Nickel powder

Chemical Name :Ni

Features: Black ball-chained powder and it is of special 3D chain extra fine particle, and the quality is very stable
Application: It is applied to conductive additive for active materials because of special material structure. And it is suitable for conductive coating,adhesive and conductive strap etc.
Technical Standard:

Features Deeply gray powder
FSSS ≤1.5μm
Chemical content Ni 99.7% Si < 0.001
C < 0.20 Fe < 0.01
O < 0.15 others slight
Apparent Density 0.5g/cm 3 R 1~3Ω/cm
Package: Packed with 75kg per drum etc.

Store:Sealed and stored in cold and bleak place。

Notes:It can be negociated if there is special requirements.

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