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Conduction Nickel Coating Specifications

Features:Black coating, and it is of extra fine particle and good conductivity, the product quality is stable, FSSS is 1.5um

Appication:It is mass appliey in anti-elecmagnet wave and barrier. And it can be used for eletronplate,printing, Aviation, machine-room equippment and board field.
使用说明Specification:Completely mixed and consequently sprayed. It is much better to operate by spay drum of mixing function in order to prevent from precipitation and effecting the application. The sprayed parts have to statically kept for ten Minutes or so under the conditions withut dust and indoor temperature until inner solvent completely give off.Contact the surface of parts by hand if it is dried and then put parts into oven and roast for 30 to 40 Minutes by 60 degrees. The elecmagnet capacity had better test one day after coated, which is much standard The conductivity is diret proportion to the thickness of sprayed coating,which is suggested for the film thickness between 20~30 um, and the best resistance for the conductive nickel coating is 1~3 ohmmeter per cm

Notice items:Roast 30~40 Minutes by 60 Degree temperature and fit for ABS meterials, and others materials should be decided according to the resistance to temperature so as to know the suitble roasting temperature and time


It can be negociated if there is special requirements each other。

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