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Ag-coated Cu Coating

Contents:Slight yellow or red liquid that is made up for special Ag coated Cu powder with advanced resin and xubsidiary materials, which is of stong adhesivity, low resistance, high stability and extra fine etc .

Features: Slight yellow or red liguied, and easily precipitate after long place

Application:It can be widely silknet printing, anti elecmagnet wave and static electricity and crafts electronplated, electron, chemical industry, aviation, boards and machinery room equippmnet spray and coating etc.

Technical Standards:

Ag/% 5 10 15 20
Cu/% 95 90 85 80
R/Ohmmeno 0.8 0.3 0.15 0.06

Package:Packed with 20kg or 10kg per drum。

Store:Sealed and stored in cold and bleak place。

Notes:It can be negociated if there is special requirements.


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